T-shirts Available for Brothers to Purchase

Gamma Chapter will have t-shirts on sale for brothers and candidates this semester for around  $10-$15. The more shirts we can order the better price they will give us. They will be 2 sided black shirts with white writing on them. The front will say the fraternity name and Brotherhood of Eagle Scouts on the left chest pocket and on the back, it will have your status in the fraternity (brother or candidate) over a large image of the crest. We are still working out the fine details but they will be printed soon. We need to know if you’re interested ASAP because we will take orders within the next week. This will allow us to hopefully get the shirts to you before your candidates cross over. This will also be a great shirt for convocation and rush in the spring. If you have any questions email Ed Hailey at elhailey1@catamount.wcu.edu or call me at 704-677-5427.