What is Convocation?

Convocation is a gathering of Epsilon Tau Pi brothers held every two years. At Convocation, we elect officers for the National Executive Board, discuss ways of enhancing the brotherhood, and spend time getting to know other brothers around the country.

My university will not allow first year students to join fraternities. What can I do?

If your university will not allow first year students to join a fraternity, be sure to investigate if first year students are allowed to join a service fraternity. Epsilon Tau Pi is a service fraternity and is not subject to this restriction at some universities.

Where are you located?

Epsilon Tau Pi has many chapters throughout the United States. Our National Executive Board is located in Dayton, Ohio.

How long is the candidacy period?

The length of the candidacy period is determined by the specific chapter, but should be between 6 to 10 weeks.

Does Epsilon Tau Pi offer a scholarship?

Yes. Epsilon Tau Pi offers a national scholarship to college-bound students. Please visit https://etp-foundation.org/ for more information!

How do I start a colony or chapter?

For information about starting a colony or chapter, please see the Colonization Process.

How many people are needed to form a Colony?

At least ten people are required to form a Colony.  For more information, please see the Colonization Process.