Convocation 2011

This year’s biannual convocation will be held the weekend of April 15, 2011 – April 17, 2011 at Zeta Colony on the campus of West Virginia University.  On Saturday morning, there is an optional service project @ 11am. There will be 4  breakout sessions planned for the afternoon:  1. History of how ETP was founded 2. Applying Scouting Lessons to ETP 3. Serving the local BSA Council (Brainstorming Session) 4. Promoting the fraternity on Campus (Brainstorming session)  In the evening, dinner will be served with the convocation meeting to follow. The registration fee for convocation will be $20.

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Brothers traveling from other states can arragne to stay with members of Zeta on campus or at nearby hotels:

The positions up for election are Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Alpha Chapter Alumni Representative, and Gamma Chapter Alumni Representative.  In addition to this, the newly elected board will appoint a Treasurer and National FEO as well as other directors.

If you would like to run for any of these positions or nominate another brother, or if you would like to be considered for the National FEO position, please indicate so on the RSVP form linked above by April 1, 2011.  For full descriptions of these positions and their responsibilities, please click Read More below.


Our fraternity is in a period of major growth at this time and because of such, it is important to have strong leadership.  Brothers on the National Executive Board must give a time commitment to Epsilon Tau Pi to help further the growth and enhancement of the fraternity.  Members of the NEB should expect to make themselves available for a monthly meeting in addition to the duties of their elected position.

CHAIRMAN – The Chairman of the National Executive Board shall preside over meetings of the board, represent the fraternity to non-affiliated campuses and individuals, campaign on behalf of the fraternity in favor of expansion, where needed, serve as a liaison between Epsilon Tau Pi and the administrations of affiliated campuses, works with administrators of affiliated campuses to uphold standards set forth by the chapter and the fraternity, and shall serve as the spokesman for the fraternity at official events or at the request of the national executive board.

VICE-CHAIRMAN – The Vice-Chairman of the National Executive Board shall assist the chairman in the execution of his duties, where applicable, supervise the expansion process, train colony advisors prior to the beginning of their work with a colony, keep records of the progress of each colony, and report such progress to the board, represents the fraternity to non-affiliated campuses and individuals, and is responsible for securing brothers, active or alumni, to initiate the alpha class of a colony, as well as to install the colony as a chapter. Further, he is responsible for maintaining a current version of the Official Ritual of Epsilon Tau Pi.

SECRETARY – The Secretary of the National Executive Board shall keep minutes of all meetings of the executive board, and shall publish them to the brotherhood. He shall supervise the maintenance of the national archives and the national register of brothers, including alumni names and addresses, and shall supervise the publication of any national newsletter or publication the brotherhood should choose to send. Further, he shall work to facilitate communication between chapters, and between collegiate and alumni brothers.

ALUMNI DELEGATE – The Alumni Delegate to the National Executive Board (NEB) shall represent the interests of all alumni of the designated chapter to the NEB. He shall gauge the feelings of the alumni members of the designated chapter on certain issues, and report those findings to the NEB.  Conversely he is responsible for keeping his alumni constituents aware of NEB decisions and issues.  If a chapter does not have an alumnus in good standing at the time of national convocation, the chapter must elect an active member to fulfill the duties of the Alumni Delegate.  The chapter must however fill the position of Alumni Delegate with an alumnus in good standing within one complete NEB term after an alumnus in good standing exists.

NATIONAL FEO – The position of National Fraternity Education Officer (National FEO) is an appointed position serving at the pleasure of the National Executive Board (NEB). The appointee will report directly to, and work in coordination with, the Vice Chairman of the National Executive Board.  The appointee is responsible for coordinating the timetable for new expansion sites with the National Executive Board, Colonies, and Chapters and ensuring the timetable is amenable to all parties involved in the expansion process.  The National FEO shall serve as the primary FEO for all new colonies, and will have the authority to request additional assistance should the Fraternity elect to expand to multiple sites simultaneously.  The appointee shall ensure monthly progress reports are submitted to the NEB, via the Vice Chairman, to ensure colonies are working towards obtaining the Chapter Charter and status.  Additionally, the National FEO is responsible for the development, training, and implementation of the Fraternity Education Program (FEP), and shall ensure all colonies, chapters, and advisors are trained in the FEP.