Welcome Pi Colony

The National Executive Board is proud to announce the formation of Pi Colony at University of South Carolina. Pi Colony will be the fourth expansion of Epsilon Tau Pi this semester and fifth in the last six months. USC has a student population of 34,000 students. Formal Rush is planned for the upcoming couple weeks and Ritual weekend is currently planned for April 20-22.

This year has seen a significant improvement in the number of expansions that we have seen and it truly reflects upon the dedication of our National FEO and VC who have put so much time into expanding our fraternity. In addition, we have so many other members of the NEB who have aided in the process as well as all of our brothers who every day advertise our fraternity by sharing their experience of Epsilon Tau Pi with those we meet and being active members of the community. To all of you my very sincere appreciation and gratitude.

Michael Brazeau