White Water Rafting – Important Info if you are attending

A few weeks ago I sent out an e-mail to determine if there was enough interest to plan a white water rafting trip this summer.  I have received many positive responses from people.  Although a few of you mentioned that the particular day was bad for you the majority of you indicated that the day would work.  So I will begin planning the trip. The plan is to arrive Sunday June 14 to spend the night so that we can be on the river Monday June 15th and then plan to leave Tuesday June 16th rafting Monday in order to receive weekday pricing on the rafting trip.  I am assuming that we want this open to brothers, friends and family, but if someone has a strong opinion on this please let me know.  Below are some of the basic details on the trip thus far.  I am sending this out so that you can add the event to your schedule, if you have any questions please let me know.

  • I plan to use Ace Adventure (1-800-787-3982) http://www.aceraft.com/
  • A package is available for $137.50/ person which include the 2 nights camping, breakfast lunch and dinner on Monday and the rafting and 2 lake passes per person where there is a zip line and other toys. If you are looking they call this the premier trip #1 package.
  • When reserved a deposit of $25/ person is required and then balance must then be paid 35 days before the trip, everyone going on the trip will need to call and arrange this themselves, before we do this I would like to confirm the people who are going.
  • Ace also has many options besides white water rafting if someone is looking to do something different, please check out their website for more information.  Alpha chapter also has a DVD on the place if you are interested in seeing it, or you can order the DVD from the Ace website.
  • They recommend that we reserve this by the end of March.
  • I would like to have a more firm headcount by March 5th so that I can call Ace and arrange the trip so that all you need to do is call and say who you are with and pay the $25 deposit.

At this time if someone from each chapter/colony would like to volunteer to their chapter/colony to be in charge of determining who wants to go from there chapter/colony I would greatly appreciate it.  Alumni are still welcome to contact me, but this will just reduce the number of e-mails I receive.  I hope that we will have a strong showing from each chapter and colony so that we can all get to know each other even better after we meet at convocation.  Thanks for your help, I hope to hear from you by MARCH 5 so that we can arrange this trip.

May Eagles Forever Soar,
Michael Brazeau

Alpha Alum